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Written by Artem Onaschenko

Necessity is the mother of invention (Russian proverb)



Blank sheet as it is – can be considered a masterpiece: it is a starting point for writer, artist, architect in realizing his flight of fantasies… Since the 2nd century BC, when people learned how to produce paper, they soon mastered the art of filigree cutting from it. As paper was spreading all over the planet, the art of cutting was spreading as well. In Europe people practiced silhouette (portrait) cutting, in Latin America – cutting with a plot. Cutting was also popular in Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland. By the way, it were Pole people who gave to this kind of decorative and applied art such an unusual name “vytinanka”, that means “a picture, cut from paper”.


NOT_PORNOgraphics of Galina Lazarchik

Written by Artem Onaschenko

Relationship between the sexes is such a subject that, due to its delicacy, won’t probably lose its actuality; in some sense it is a universal theme for any kind of creator, because a demand for “IT” existed at all times and in all societies, even more puritan, than ours. The act of love, that was raised to the art’s power by Indians, in the Belarusian art is still tabooed, though to a lesser extent, by various social, religious and other moral prejudices. That is why in our society this quite trivial and innocuous topic is still considered provocative to speak on, all the more – to write about.

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ARTem. Presentation of ART.

Written by Artem Onaschenko

Hello! My name is Artem, I live in the country, about which many of you have no idea. However, the majority of people who live here also can hardly understand what kind of country it is. If you want to have your own opinion about our country, the best way is to come here to see everything with your own eyes. Though, if don't have such opportunity just read George Orwell's novel "1984" and you will clear up quite a lot.

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