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NOT_PORNOgraphics of Galina Lazarchik

 Relationship between the sexes is such a subject that, due to its delicacy, won’t probably lose its actuality; in some sense it is a universal theme for any kind of creator, because a demand for “IT” existed at all times and in all societies, even more puritan, than ours. The act of love, that was raised to the art’s power by Indians, in the Belarusian art is still tabooed, though to a lesser extent, by various social, religious and other moral prejudices. That is why in our society this quite trivial and innocuous topic is still considered provocative to speak on, all the more – to write about.

Series of erotic graphical miniatures under the title “1+1=69” was presented by Galina Lazarchik in the Belarusian Museum of contemporary art. This is the first exposition of the young Minsk artist. In her works she doesn’t try to explore physiology of love, doesn’t aim to assess and to put diagnoses, she just tries to speak on the topic that is not typical for our society and makes fun of the relationship between Mars and Venus. For her libido is not the subject of profound analysis, it is rather a motive for a hardly seen smile.

 h.lasarchik 1

h.lasarchik 2

h.lasarchik 3

h.lasarchik 4

h.lasarchik 5

h.lasarchik 6

h lasarchik5

h lasarchik6

h lasarchik7

h lasarchik33

h lasarchik8

GALINA LAZARCHIK: If to speak about the title, here there is no any double meaning, if only a personal experience of a viewer tells something, but in general everything is very clear and obvious. It is about relationship between man and woman, about its variety. Actually “1+1” – it is a reference to man and woman, and under the number “69” the erotic sense of their relations is hidden. It is a pleasure to work with this theme, because it is actual. It doesn’t mean I just pursue actuality – “IT” always excites us, it always interesting, endless and various. There is no limit to this topic. In my works I didn’t want to be one-sided, paying attention only to the lofty emotions. Relations between people are many-sided and contradictory, so they can include eroticism, brutality, madness, unfaithfulness, etc. as well. It is considered to be natural, normal, because there isn’t anything obscene in love and in relations between man and woman in general. It is not easy or even impossible to explain such complicated emotions that are united in one sense. Paradox of love is that two individuals form an organic whole but at the same time they are still individuals. The project under the title “1+1=69” demonstrates as many sides as possible of the relationship between man and woman. 

Artem Onaschenko
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